sigh… again

1 Year later and only 6 posts. I really suck at this blogging thing. But anyway let’s try again.

The whole point I attempted this was to document my journey while attempting the PWK course and OSCP exam.

Well I’ve completed the course and passed the exam. Didn’t really document any specifics, but will do another post about my experience.

I’ll attempt this “blog” again because I’d like to continue my path with Offensive Security and attempt at getting the OSCE certfication later the year.

Until then I’ll be doing more prep work than what I did for OSCP. Will also be doing more VulnHub Vm’s so will try and do my best to post on all of those.

I also started with, but I’ll try to refrain from posting spoilers about those boxes.

Anyway, I think that is all for now.

All the best for 2019.